6 Best Tiny Homes For Sale Utah You Should Check Out

Utah, a place of extraordinary beauty with its mountainous terrain, its unique twisting arches, and towering red rocks straight out of a Western. With so much incredible scenery, it’s little wonder that many want to call Utah home.

It’s no secret that the housing market over the past few years has skyrocketed in terms of prices.

6 Best Tiny Homes For Sale Utah You Should Check Out

Therefore, millions have had to put off owning their own properties and continue to save.

But, whilst traditional constructions and homes are more expensive than ever, tiny homes offer a window of opportunity for those who want their own home but for a fraction of the price. 

The benefits of owning a tiny home are countless, and the fat you’re reading this means you are looking into this venture. But, where do you start?

Well, here is the best place as we have chosen a selection of the 6 best tiny homes in Utah that you should check out right now! 

Less clutter and more affordable than rational homes, the following tiny homes in Utah will certainly inspire you to start your tiny home journey today.

1. 100% Off Grid Container House

For $65,000, this 160 square foot off grid container home could be the start of your dream come true. Located in Elwood, this is a perfect opportunity for anyone who loves the idea of living off-grid.

The container is 100% powered by electric and fitted with a full water filtration system and 275-watt solar panels.

Self-sufficient living has become more and more popular in recent years as people wish to escape the rat race and live a life closer to nature. But, just because this container is off-grid, it doesn’t mean it is dated.

It has a custom-built modern design and contemporary interior to reflect its smart, slick exterior. 

This container is also completely mobile, so you can set up home in your most favorite area.

With one bedroom and one bathroom, it may not be spacious enough for a large family, but for a couple, this 100% off-grid container home is a perfect example of what can be done with some ingenuity and great design.

2. Tiny Farmhouse On Wheels

Always wanted a farmhouse? Well, now you can own one in the form of a tiny home for $39,900. This 194 square foot home is available in Salt Lake City, but it can be moved to various locations if you wished. 

Imagine owning a beautiful looking home, but also being able to travel anywhere with it. That is the dream! If you wish to explore as much of Utah as possible, this tiny farmhouse may be the option you’ve been looking for.

This house looks like a regular farmhouse that has been shrunk in the wash. It has all the trim and decor of a traditional farmhouse exterior.

But, it’s what is on the inside that counts, right?

The interior of this home features one loft-style bedroom and one bathroom with hardwood floors, an instant hot water tank for the sinks and shower, and all granite countertops. Talk about luxury! 

You will love the rolling barn-style door to the home’s bathroom, too. Everything about this tiny home shouts “traditional” but for a fraction of the price of a standard farmhouse. 

3. A Brand New Tiny Home

Located in Veyo, Utah, this luxurious brand new tiny home is a stylish and spacious property with a range of custom features and sleek architecture. Currently $74,999, this is certainly an incredible price for what you get. 

Compared to some other tiny houses on our list today, this offering is far larger with enough space to sleep up to five people on the main level alone, and two more in the loft.

It sports a stylish open floor plan, so you get to be as creative with your decor as you like and how you want to use the space. 

Whether you want it as a home, a getaway, or as a short term rental, this tiny home will certainly bring happiness into your life. The main level has enough room for a full bed and a sofa, making it one of the most efficient layouts for tiny home life. 

At 255 square feet, this is the perfect choice for a family to enjoy. It has a range of modern appliances, as well, so you can practically move straight in and start living the life of Riley.

4. Delta Model Tiny Home

At $85,000, this Delta Model tiny home is a little more expensive than some others on our list today, but when you see what you get for that price, you’ll understand.

300 square feet of sophistication and comfort awaits you with this smart model. It is made from a 9’ HC shipping container, and everything about this model is custom-made and top of the line.

It features custom countertops and cabinets, and has a 12,000 BTU mini split for additional efficiency.

On top of this, it is fitted with three-inch spray foam insulation, so you won’t have to worry about the colder weather during Utah winters and nights. 

This container home also comes equipped with full-size Samsung appliances, sliding doors with blinds built-in, and a 50-gallon hot water heater (see also “Incredible Container Homes In Arizona For Free Living“). Whatever you need, this Delta Model tiny home will have it and more. 

5. Luxury Gatsby Style Tiny Home

In Pleasant Grove, Utah, you will find this elegant and luxurious Gatsby Style tiny home. Currently listed at $68,000, this home is semi-permanent, so is best for those looking for a place to get away to from time to time.

At 192 square feet, it may not be the largest tiny home out there, but it can be delivered to a plot of land you have chosen, such as at your property, and then set on a cinder block or gravel foundation.

This particular home does not have wheels, so it is not mobile. But, if you want to enjoy it from a single location, it is a great choice.

A plug in and play home, you can run an extension cord to this home, and it’s ready to go! Inside, it feels surprisingly spacious, with a beautiful design blending practicality with sheer comfort. 

Included in the price is delivery and installation, but the delivery distance can affect the price depending on where you are. 

6. *All American* THOW

For $75,000, this All American THOW tiny home in Moab, Utah could be all yours. Newly constructed, this is a one of a kind home, perfect for off-grid living or plug-in and go life.

This tiny home is constructed from a custom-made 33’ gooseneck trailer so, wherever you go, it can go with you.

It features an extraordinary fireplace that wouldn’t look amiss in a Dickensian novel, a range for off-grid living, and a Unique Brand propane refrigerator for added modern convenience.

It also comes with a Bosch on demand water heater, an LG washer/dryer combo, a mini split for heating and AC, and a Nature’s Head composting toilet. Small but very luxurious! 

Unlike most homes on wheels, this model is built with three lofts. And, from each loft, a high stressed net spans right across for easy lounging.

The master bedroom is large enough for a king-size storage bed to fit, and the second loft can act as a crawl-in closet. For access to the third loft, you can either use the trap door from the kitchen ceiling, or crawl across the net, depending on your agility.

Also, you can never have too much storage space, and this tiny home has it everywhere, such as under the fridge, the stairs, and beneath the washer.

Practical, with a beautiful country chic vibe, this tiny home is a favorite of ours, and has it all. It’s certainly worth checking out!

More Tiny Homes In Utah For Sale

Above are just six of many tiny homes for sale in Utah right now (see also “Tiny Homes For Sale In Indiana To See How You Could Be Living“). Fortunately, new models come on the market pretty regularly.

So, if you’re not quite ready to purchase one yet, or do not like the look of any above, you should keep an eye out here for the latest tiny homes in the Utah region. 

In Summary

Affordable, sustainable, and surprisingly spacious, tiny homes are fast becoming some of the most popular properties to own in the U.S.

Add in the fact that some are mobile and can be set up in different locations, and you can start your off-grid life with the most beautiful scenery around you.

Utah undoubtedly has an abundance of incredible, stunning scenery to offer, so if you’re interested in tiny homes in the Beehive state, then hopefully some of the listings above will be to your liking. 

Casey Rutherford
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